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Books Edited:

Woods, Tom. 2004. The Three Wings: Cliff Emeny’s Story. New Plymouth, N.Z.: Zenith Publishing.

Taylor, Don. 2005. Everyone’s War: a collection of tales from World War II. New Plymouth, N.Z.: Zenith Publishing.

Follas, Lawrence. 2005. Conversations with the Soul. New Plymouth, N.Z.: Zenith Publishing.

Antram, Janine, and Hilary Saxton. 2007. Mummy Teach Me About Living: the things teachers don’t teach. New Plymouth, N.Z.: PublishMe.

Stanyon, Philip. 2007. Days of Dreaming. New Plymouth, N.Z.: PublishMe.

George, Angela. 2007. True Confessions of a Clairvoyant. Christchurch, N.Z.: Michaelangelo Publications.

Martin, Caroline, [Ed]. 2008. 75 Years of History and a Weekend of Memories. New Plymouth, N.Z.: PublishMe.

Olsen, Hadyn. 2008. Oh No You Don’t: a tale of managing workplace bullies. New Plymouth, N.Z.: PublishMe.