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‘Out of the Darkness is my second book, and once again I would like to thank Caroline Martin, of Meerkat Editing Services, for her marvellous help with this book.

Poet and cartoonist Philip Stanyon, author of Days of Dreaming (2007). His second book is expected out later this year.



To Caroline Martin for her editing and proofreading skills: You have a fantastic way with words, a lot of tact and a wonderful sense of humour.

Angela George, author of True Confessions of a Clairvoyant (2007).



Ten years you have graced these offices and the pages of the ODT. Your by-line on feature articles, particularly property, historic features and personality profiles, has been prolific. It has also been greatly respected by readers and by my predecessor Geoff Adams and myself. We’ve been proud, Caroline, to have you as a feature writer on our staff.

You’ve had a very big impact on the perception of the ODT by many of our loyal readers. I’ve had frequent comments over the years about the quality and the interest of your features. And I know at first hand how particular you are about the correct use of words, phrases and terminology. Your punctiliousness in this regard, your obsession with the right word, the right phrase, the right expression, is a necessary journalist’s trait of the old school. One that many younger journalists on our staff and at other media outlets could do very well to emulate.

Feature writing is quite different from news writing, a point Caroline well demonstrates, but one which many others have yet to appreciate. Creating a picture in words is the aim. Using the lovely language to its fullest, its roundest; building up layer on layer of detail and difference, so that the reader is left replete and satisfied, having been served a full course at one sitting, if you like. This Caroline has achieved with many of her feature articles. She will not be at all easy to replace.

Caroline, you go with our very best wishes and our deep regard.

Robin Charteris, Editor, Otago Daily Times, Dunedin, New Zealand, December 1997.